Location Ukraine

Polonne Trousers Factory | Polonne

  • Address:Pryvokzalna Street, No. 68A, 30500 Khmelnytskyy Region Polonne, Ukraine
  • Phone: +38 (03843) 31914
  • Fax: +38 (03843) 31914
  • Email:

The subsidiary

Polonne Trouser Factory (PTF) is one of the youngest companies of the Dr. Bock Industries Group. The PTF started its activity in 2008 in Polonne in the Khmelnytzkyy region of the Ukraine.

The current number of employees is 260. The total investment in the company was 3 million euros. The factory uses the latest sewing machines for the production process. The planned capacity is more than 400,000 pieces per year. The plant is specialized in 5- pocket and casual 5- pocket trousers for men and women.

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