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Management systems

We continuously strive to move beyond more compliance with local laws and external codes by enhancing our ability to manage both the social and environmental aspects of our strategy. Rather than simply reacting to customer audits, we focus our efforts on building a proactive culture of responsibility via a management system that actively sets rules and identifies any weaknesses or concerns. Representatives from various departments in each of our factories join together to formulate long-term, comprehensive yet pragmatic systems that are adopted by the entire company.

We practice PDCA

Our management system follows a Plan-Do-Check-Act approach which allows us to establish the procedures we need to have in place, then implement and continuously monitor and improve them.

We practice PDCA, and see the effectiveness!

CSR-Corporate Social Responsibility

The aim of the Corporate Social Responsibility of the Dr. Bock Industries AG corporate group is that its companies should become an organic part of society as far as possible, and also that their economic activities should undertake a social function, too, a part of which is responsibility towards the environment. The corporate group factories established in Romania, Germany, the Ukraine and Italy have therefore voluntarily built social and environmental considerations into their business practice and contact system.

Other projects and timeline

It is important on the part of the company, both from an internal and external point of view, to understand and to take into consideration the system conditions and territorial characteristics of Corporate Social Responsibility. The group of companies considers its surrounding environment as a primary property. The group of companies supports their factories to protect and respect the environment during production. On behalf of this, the group makes its decisions, so that the demands of economic activities and of the environment should be in conformity beyond the legal requirements. The environmental policies of the Dr.Bock Industries AG group of companies incorporate the relevant directives, objectives and undertakings.


Other projects in ongoing phase:

Every year, Dr. Bock Industries AG makes contributions to non-profit organizations, local authorities, schools and various projects. We are responsible!

A sustainability report is in preparation using GRI standards. We expect to be able to release the first report in 2018.