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Sustainable fashion is hot at RGT workshop

The two-day workshop hosted about 70 insiders from the Italian and German fashion and sportswear markets, including Hugo Boss, Marc’O Polo, René Lezard, Willi Bogner, Diadora and Emerisque Italia.

Workshops were introduced and coordinated by Dietrich Bock, CEO, Bock & Partner. RGT Italia was founded in 2013 and acts as a development partner – especially focused on treatment technologies and low impact treatments for jeans and sportswear. Bock & Partner is a long-standing garment manufacturer that owns subsidiaries in Germany, Romania and Ukraine. They employ 1,700 people, and in 2014 produced 1.7 million garments and washed 8 million garments.

Further speakers included Martina Glomb of Hanover University Fashion Design Faculty; Matteo Vallarsa, Arvind International Italia; Gigi Caccia, CEO, Italdenim; Barbara Binder, Amman Group; Alberto De Conti, Garmon; Flavio Tonello, CEO, Tonello; Begoña Garcia, Jeanologia.

Dietrich Bock showed satisfaction at the feedback he got from the event’s participants and commented: "I’m sure that product managers and designers who participated in the event were able to get a wider perspective about what sustainability, renewability and eco-friendly production processes mean. And we are ready to face all future challenges."

Source: Sportswear Net, Author: Maria Cristina Pavarini

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