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Interview with Mrs. Rozalina Zlatkova

Question: Within such competitive conditions in apparel industry, how does the company remain competitive in terms of technology and products?

Mrs. Zlatkova: To be alive in the market, you should continue improve yourself. We never stopped. We invested continuously in new product segments, development, technology and specifically on people. Even in the difficult period in business environment, we increase our capabilities, capacities our availability in the markets, regions. In order to be competitive you must have clear strategies. Take for example, we – the company Dr. Bock Industries AG – are aware of the social and environmental impacts of our business activities. Sustainability is fundamental for us, and we want to act as a responsible player in the market, in order to create value for employees, customers, stakeholders and the company itself, while regarding and respecting the social and environmental impacts. Sustainable economics is the chance to produce high quality products under correct social and environmental conditions and opens the chance to develop the business model in a future-oriented way. That is why sustainability is a key driver of our annual business and investment plan, setting clear targets for environmental and social performance. Through effective management, a transparent mindset and an innovative approach to social and environmental challenges, we strive to make our manufacturing model more sustainable. To achieve our sustainability strategy, we continuously search and invest new processes, technologies in all levels. We follow international good practices, certification programs and create management systems to ensure our policies – strategies are systematically implemented. 

Question:  You just mentioned about good practices, certification programs. Would you please give some more info?

Mrs. Zlatkova: Dr. Bock Industries AG has cooperated for many years with auditors that analyze the existing situation with respect to organization, compliance and the use of chemicals (Restricted Substance List – RSL). As of now, we have achieved
• ISO 9001 2008
• Social Compliance audits conducted by a third party company from Germany, Systain
• Oeko Tex 100 certification by the Hohenstein Institute, Germany.
• STeP (Sustainable Textile Production) certification 
• RSL (Restricted Substances List) audits performed by a third company - GSM (Global Sustainable Management)
• CPI2 (Carbon Performance Improvement Initiative). We achieved the "ECO-Partner" status from our customer BRAX.
• GSCP (Global Social Compliance Programme)
• SA 8000 - Social Accountability
There is no end, continuous improvement is always a part of our ways of working. We are always looking for alternatives methods to improve ourselves.

Question: Now, you are investing in Bulgaria. Where will it be located? Why Bulgaria? Would you please give some background info?

Mrs. Zlatkova: The facility is located 120 km away from Ruse in Northern Bulgaria on the main road that connects Sofia and Varna. A number of ready-to-wear garment factories are located within 250 km of the facility and are willing to manufacture washable goods. We will be happy to be of assistance in capacity allocation. Why Bulgaria? Actually, we are always searching business opportunities. We believe Bulgaria has a lot of promising advantages such as; 
• The ready-to-wear garment factories in the area have well-established traditions in the production of women’s trousers, men’s trousers and 5-Pockets
• Experience in working with Western markets
• Still competitive labour expenses and prices
• Highly-skilled labor force
• Proximity to markets and suppliers of materials
Integrated with all these points, we believe this project in Targovishte is very interesting and offers an excellent future prospect for all stakeholders.

Question: What services and technology will be provided?

Mrs. Zlatkova: Ready Garment Technologies – Bulgaria will be state of art laundry integrated with all new technologies. The service range includes but not limited to;
• Soft-Wash
• Garment Wash
• Enzyme Wash
• Stone Wash (chemical)
• Stone Wash (stone)
• Stone – Bleach, Super Stone – Bleach 
• Garment Dye (Direct/Reactive)
• Pigment
• Old Dye
• Special Effects such as scraping, buffy, spray
We will have latest sustainable technology on site such as
• Latest generation of Laser Technology – Jeanologia Laser Flex Pro
• E- Flow
• NoStone – Stoneless Stonewash
• Ecofree 2 – Ozone Treatment (Dry & Wet -Air & Water)
• OFree Ozone Treatment (Dry Only – Air in Dyeing Machines)
Additionally, our infrastructure for colour development, laboratory services

Question: Which customers/product groups RGT - Bulgaria is targeting?

Mrs. Zlatkova:  Actually, as you can understand our infrastructure - technology will fit different customers needs. But we can shortly say our customer target group
• All garment manufacturer (Denim/NonDenim)
• Home textiles,
• Underwear
• Shirt manufacturers

Question: What are values that RGT - Bulgaria will generate for their customers?

Mrs. Zlatkova: We know the market needs, demands and ready to provide necessary services. Our new investment in the field of treatments integrated with
• our expertise in treatments
• all new technology
• customer focused approach – strategy
• flexible structure such that possibility for production in small series
• high quality services such that quick response – quick deliveries
• high product quality
• consistent reliability would be an excellent match with the apparel industry need in Bulgaria.

Question: What would you like to share additionally?

Mrs. Zlatkova:  We are very exciting with this new investment. As we mentioned, Ready Garment Technologies – Bulgaria will be one of the most sustainable laundry in the region and will be provide the best service to our partners. We know the need of the market, we have resources, infrastructure, talented team members, experience – expertise to create very good synergy with our business partners in Bulgaria. We believe Ready Garment Technologies – Bulgaria in cooperation with our development center located in Limena - Italy (RGT - Italy) will be a very good – effective – efficient service provider. We are looking forward to seeing the opening of our plant soon.

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