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These people are very involved and committed to their duties. It is not easy to carry out complex educational programs while you have several other duties, like studying, working or taking care of a family. We expect our volunteers to be prepared, persistent, open-minded, to be thirsty for knowledge and to be authentic. Such people are quite rare, but we have always been lucky; we have met a lot of wonderful people who joined us for the long term and showed us their talents.

Our association is also committed as a talent nurturer, offering support for talented educators, teacher training candidates and young animators; we organize various training courses and workshops for them. Our team consists of 15-20 persons each year: trainers, educators, invitees and students, who participate year by year in a training scheme whose scope is team building.

The legacy of our relationship with Dr. Dietrich Bock & Partner Group was that we offered special scholarships for those who attended our summer camps or summer events that year. These young teachers took on a volunteer job for at least a year, participated in different training courses, and offered their support for all child-related events at Dr. Dietrich Bock & Partner Group. Thanks to our partner we were able to offer scholarships for 10 people. This allowance could be spent on educational books and training courses.

(Orbán Imola, the president of the Bóbita Association)

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