Our history

1984: RHM (Rintelner Hosen Manufaktur)

RHM (Rintelner Hosen Manufaktur)

The partnership of Dr. Dietrich Bock & Partner started with RHM (Rintelner Hosen Manufaktur) in Germany.

1992: Dr. Dietrich Bock & Partner founded RHM Pants, Romania

Former Dr. Dietrich Bock & Partner founded RHM Pants

The Trouser Company – in Estelnic, Romania. The machine capacity was calculated from the beginning for 1200 pairs of trousers. It started with 69 employees for a major German company as client. At present, about 500 people are employed.

1994: Transilvanian Trousers Company

Transilvanian Trousers Company

The Sportswear Company – was started in Sfântu Gheorghe, Romania.

2000: Ready Garment Technology

Ready Garment Technology Romania

RGT Romania – Washing-Dyeing– Finishing-Logistics – was opened in Sfântu Gheorghe, Romania.

2003: Full product business

Full product business

Former Dr. Dietrich Bock & Partner started with full product business.

2003: Platanus


The Jeans Company – was founded in Baraolt, Romania.

2004: Ready Garment Technology Germany – RGT Germany

Ready Garment Technology Germany – RGT Germany

Samples & Development – was opened in Auetal – Rolfshagen, Germany.

2004: Ready Garment Technology, Ukraine

Ready Garment Technology, Novotex

RGT Ukraine – Washing-Dyeing-Finishing-Logistics – was started in Novograd Wolynsky, Ukraine.

2007: Ukrainian Clothing Company

Ukrainian Clothing Company

Casual Five Pockets – was founded in Chervonormyska, Ukraine.

2008: Polonne Trousers Factory

Polonne Trousers Factory

Chinos & More started to produce in Polonne, Ukraine.

2013: RGT Italia

RGT Italia s.r.l.

RGT Italia SRL is a creative fashion centre and development department, which exists since 2013.

2016: Dr. Bock Industries AG

Dr. Bock Industries AG

Starting with 2016, the company Dr. Dietrich Bock und Partner Unternehmensberatungsgesellschaft GmbH changed its name to Dr. Bock Industries AG. The subsidiary companies were restructured in 2015: the four Romanian subsidiaries were merged to RGT Romania S.R.L. and the three Ukrainian subsidiaries were united to RGT Ukraine Ltd.