Fashion is our profession

Fashion is our profession

Dr. Bock Industries AG is a well-known company for producing men's trousers since 1984.

Our company has earned its outstanding reputation through the quality of its products, the creativity of its staff, on time delivery and a commitment to exceptional customer service. Using modern technologies, Dr. Bock Industries offers a large choice of men's trousers, from the simplest style to the most sophisticated.

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Developing our advantages and the pursuit of excellence require the mutual will and mutual values within the group. Two values are of utmost importance for our success.

COMMITMENT, i.e. the daily eagerness of each of us to progress in his or her profession and to improve his or her performance according to the action plan mutually decided upon.

TEAMWORK We are all part of the same team and we need to support it and to receive support from it. We are all members of the same group, and this team spirit should be felt and also expressed in our relations with other partners, regardless of their cultural or professional origin.


This must be the backbone of our behaviour, both in internal and external relations.

Internally, we must share both the success and the difficulties. This allows us to solve any difficulties quickly, before they escalate and become detrimental to our team, our partners or our clients. It is always better to solve problems than to have to manage a crisis.

Externally, we must put the relations that we develop with our partners under a double obligation - of trust and business ethics. Our group must be perceived as a responsible and ethical group of companies. The trust of our partners and the good image they have of our group are key elements for the ongoing development of our group of companies.


  • Continually increase customer satisfaction
  • Be cost effective and remain highly competitive
  • Conform to social standards
  • Protect the environment on a daily basis

With our management system, we control and monitor customer satisfaction. This provides the framework both for establishing and regularly reviewing companies' objectives and for maintaining continual improvement in all processes.